Women Against Death Penalty


The anger and rage that is visible against the gang rape is both ensuring and motivating but worrying also at the same time. The mobilization around the issue and young generation standing and opposing such heinous  crimes and coming out on streets to raise voice is ensuring that there are forces which will stand against the injustice and culture of protest is well alive and throbbing. However many a groups are demanding death penalty and some are even suggesting castration. This is quite worrying! Death penalty is not the solution and it will not change anything in long run.

Government will also get off the hook by hanging the culprits and and not take any substantial measure to make the city safe for women and girls. Like wise the suggestions to be violent against the perpetrators will not change the tendency of violence.

The death penalty will also become a cause for decrease in conviction rate and same views have been expressed by some of the judges also. We must also not forget that rapes happen within the walls of houses as well and within families. Death penalty or castration as the punishment will also impact the reporting rate in such cases. Thus we need to question that whether by demanding death penalty and castration, we help in increasing the rate of conviction and strengthen the legal system or the other way round.


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