Kalam-e-Niswan — Anthology of Muslim Women’s writings

To develop a deeper understanding of Muslim women’s education, we explored its history. The Jamia Milia Library in Delhi and the Khuda Baksh Library in Patna were scoured for women’s journals and magazines, and we came across important writing by Muslim women. From politics to education, they have covered a range of issues with their pens. We have compiled some of these writings from various Urdu publications in the form of a book, titled Kalam-e-Niswan. The pieces have not been translated from Urdu to Hindi, but transliterated, keeping the flavour of the writing intact. Meanings of difficult and unfamiliar words have been provided so the text is accessible for readers.

The collection has pieces from the first women-only weekly newspaper, Tahzeeb-e-Niswan, as well as articles from magazines like Khatoon, Ismat, Ustani, Payame Ummeed, Awaz-e-Niswan and Nairange. The oldest piece dates back to 1905 and the most recent is from 1956. Some of the writers are well known and some are anonymous. Many of them have written as ‘wife of__’, or ‘daughter of__’, or ‘sister of__’, using the names of their husbands, fathers or brothers, laying bare both the significance of women’s voices entering the public realm as well as the constraints. The material ranges from simple stories to profiles, poetry and editorials. The book can be used by NGOs, universities, schools, whether as training material or simply for the pleasure of reading.
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3 thoughts on “Kalam-e-Niswan — Anthology of Muslim Women’s writings

  1. Yea, I haven’t read this yet but it reminds me like 3 years ago when I was writing a paper on women’s empowerment NGOs in india and came across some interesting numbers showing how little money (it may have been about foreign donations) goes towards Muslim women and they arguably are the most in need.

    I am not or never was planning your future in anyway, but when I get in these areas I have thoughts about how cool it would be to do a road trip with you out here. It’s beautiful. All of it, eastern Oregon, southern Oregon, Northern California…


    • khanday pervaiz says:

      I must appreciate the center for coming up these type of story telling of forgotten ones.I too am working on the same theme and it is my pleasure if i can read this book.I hope i can get it very soon.


      • nirantar says:

        The book is available in Nirantar office in Delhi and Lucknow. The price of the book is Rs.395/-. If you can send us your postal address so that we can deliver the same at the earliest. The delivery charge should also be paid by you.




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