Hakk se maange: AZAADI!

At the end of 2013, the Muslim Leadership group in Lucknow got together to reflect on the kinds of freedoms they wanted in their lives. Along with the freedoms, they also mentioned the extent to which they wanted the freedom, thereby performing a check on themselves while looking at the context they come from. The list of freedoms they wished for are given below:
Pehenne dhakne ki azaadi.
Film dekhne ki azaadi (blue film bhi)
Doston ke saath ghoomne ki azaadi.
Sadaf: only with girls. Not with boys.
Make up karne ki azaadi
Apne swasthya pe baat karni ki azaadi(only female doctors though)
Hotel me khana ki azaadi (paise ki anusaar)
Dance karne ki azaadi (only with friends and family)
Apne pasand ke ladke se shaadi karne ki azaadi. (lekin apne dharm me)
Shaadi ke baad ladki jab chaahe tab vo apne paati se rishta banaye. (man ke anusar)
Sampatti milne ki azaadi. (kanun ke anusar)
Ghumne ki azadi(only till 9 pm)
Kapde pehenne ki azaadi (jeans and long skirt only)
Ladkon se baat karne ki azaadi (but not in front of elders and neighbours)
Manchaha pati chunne ki azadi. (but within religion)
Kkhaane peene ki azaadi.
Sex karne ki azaadi (husband chahta hain ya saamne vala chahta hain. Tabhi nahi. But jab hum chahte hain)
Baccha paida na karne ki azaadi.
Underwear khareedne ki azaadi. (but gents se nahi lenge)
Humein bahar jaane ki azaadi (8 pm tak)
Ladkon se dosti karna (public place)
Boyfriend banae ki azaadi (sirf sex nahi karenge)
Padhaayi karne ki azaadi
Apne pasand ki kapde. (jeans, tshirt tak)


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