Things I liked about growing up

This question was asked as a part of our introduction- What did you like about growing up? What do you still miss? (Here f is female and m is male). Some of the replies were quite interesting.

  1. (f): As a young person, you dream about lot of things about future, when you grow up they break. But I am still hopeful.
  2. (f): We only think about ourselves and our happiness and are not bothered about others
  3. (f): We had our own world, my school, my friends… Now we have too many responsibilities, I miss having my own world.
  4. (f): I could wear anything, short etc, won’t tell anyone at home and go out to play. Now have limitations on going out.
  5. (f): I wanted to grow very fast. I was very involved with my parents. I missed out on my childhood.
  6. (m): I would cry to get my way when I was young. Now I don’t cry.
  7. (f): I miss writing letters now to express our feeling. Because of technology, we stopped expressing in longer sentences.
  8. (m): I used to look at myself in the mirror for a long time. Friendships mattered a lot
  9. (f): I had too many restrictions. I was not allowed to go out. I had energy which helped me to reach where I am today.
  10. (f): I was very rowdy, I used to wear shorts. I don’t now.
  11. (f): I miss playing in school. We could wear shorts. The freedom to wear shorts and play with boys was only during school. But the freedom was limited. The moment I would reach the finishing line (during a race), I would have to change into skirts.
  12. (f): We had no TV . We would go to watch Krishna Leela at our neighbours house. We would get scolded but still we went.
  13. (m): My father did not allow me to play, because he thought it was a waste of time. Now when I go back home, I miss my friends.

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