Yamuna Kya Hai Teri Kahani– PACE Historical Walk (In Pictures)

The idea of historical walks for PACE team is to offer a wider perspective and mobility opportunities to the girls associated with this project. Each historical walk is a beautiful travelling experience for the girls, woven around a theme from their curriculum, giving them a practical outlook along with the theories in the center. One of these historical walks took them on a journey to explore the river Yamuna and how it is an important part of the environment.

Yamuna kya hai teri kahani,

Puche jag par koi na mane.

Sheher ke isko samjhe kaali,

Kooda-karkat jaisi ek naali,

Yamuna kya hai teri kahani.

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Parvaaz Adolescent Centre for Education (PACE), started in April 2015, is an educational programme for adolescent girls and young adults with the aim of providing education with a gender and sexuality perspective. The programme is implemented in partnership with community-based organizations, to make it a sustainable model.


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