Reflections on the Attack on Women Activists in Lalitpur

Education is a Fundamental Right. A Fundamental Right should transcend age, race, religion, gender and caste. However, this country that thrives on the social malaise that is the caste system refuses to grant all its citizens what is rightfully (and constitutionally) theirs. When this caste- system meets patriarchy it produces a dangerous cocktail of violence and hegemony. And it spares no one, not even those working towards eradicating it. On 12th May’ 13, when six members of Sahjani Shiksha Kendra (SSK) were physically and verbally attacked by a local village goon in Madawara (UP), a crucial question struck my mind: why does the idea of a woman, especially a Dalit woman, wanting to educate herself instigate such violence?

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ललितपुर का मेरा पहला अनुभव

किसी भी चीज़ का पहला अनुभव हमेशा ख़ास होता है। मेरे लिए सहजनी शिक्षा केंद्र (एस. एस. के.), ललितपुर के नए सेंटरों के उद्घाटन का अनुभव भी कुछ ऐसा ही था। मैं डरी-सहमी ललितपुर पहुंची। डरी-सहमी इसलिए क्योंकि निरंतर से यह मेरा पहला फील्ड विजिट था। मुझे वहाँ लोग पसंद करेंगे या नहीं? क्या मैं वहाँ की बोली समझ पाऊँगी? ऐसे कई सवाल मेरे मन में दौड़ लगा रहे थे। मैं तो ललितपुर पहुँचने से एक घंटे पहले ही ट्रेन में उठ बैठी थी।

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PrabhaDevi — a Janishala Profile


Coming from Newari village in Bundelkhand region of UP, surviving violence in her marriage with two daughters to her responsibility, Prabha now resides with them at her parents’ home. A sharp learner at Janishala, an ex-reporter in a local language newspaper – Khabar Lahariya; she expresses what literacy meant in her life.

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An Account of Literacy Centers Opening in Birdha Block

delahi dharna pradarsn 048

Bajrang gadh village, Birdha block.

In December 2012, Sehjani Shiksha Kendra opened its new literacy centers in Birdha block, Lalitpur. The team visited each village in the block to mobilize people for the opening. We divided ourselves into two groups, each group aiming to visit two villages in a day. Each morning, we packed ourselves into the car where one could sense the strong conviction, energy and enthusiasm of Sehjanis in their work. The car ride to the villages was always filled with lots of fun, jokes, laughter and singing.

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