Janishala learner profile: Ram Kunwar

Born into a poor dalit family, Ram Kunwar and her sister live with their father in Sukul Guwan. Her mother passed away when she was only 2. Although she was married off at the age of 10, Ram Kunwar continued to live at her natal home away from her husband because he was mentally disturbed. Here, she had to take on the housework and care of her ill father. Continue reading

जनीशाला की हरिबाई

जनीशला का आखि़री दिन, हम सब घर वापस जाने के लिए अपना सामान बाँध रहे थे। पिछले 8 महीने से हम सब साथ थे लेकिन ऐसा लग रहा है जैसे बरसों का साथ हो। जनीषाला में मुझे रामा दीदी अपने साथ लाई थीं। रामा दीदी हमारे साक्षरता केन्द्र में पढ़ाती थीं जहां मै पिछले तीन साल से जाया करती थी।

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Janishala learner profile: Girija

She sat in her kuccha verandah at Uldana village, stoic and sullen, yet welcomed us in. We effortlessly spoke about her Janishala days. The stark contrast hit us. She would study relentlessly while taking care of her two young girls back then. But now she sits in her home, her two girls sit next to her and she says “Zindagi ab bekaar ho gayi”. (life has lost its meaning). She is Girija, 25, former learner of Janishala’s first batch of 2008.

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