Experiences and Learning from a Conference on Sustainable Development through Multilingual Education- Part 1


Nirantar recently participated in the 5th International Conference on Language and Education at UNESCO, Bangkok, where we presented a paper on ‘Breaking the Barriers of Languages in India’. One of the participants from Nirantar, Prarthana, has described her experiences below of being a part of this platform and has shared her learning from this space.

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Janishala Newly-Literate Writings

janishala0002janishala0003Janishala neo-literate writing

ये सभी चिठ्ठी जनिशाला की महिलाओं ने लिखा है। इस चिठ्ठी में इन्होंने ने दिल्ली भ्रमण का अनुभव लिखा है।

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